Your Guide to Buying the Best Sky Lanterns

The luminescent glow of sky lanterns as they fly high in the sky offers a fascinating experience. Sky lanterns trace their origin to China where they were used during celebrations.

Although popular in Asia, sky lanterns popularity has been consistently spreading across the world. Surprisingly, with the right materials, you can make one at home. Most Chinese and Taiwanese people design the hot air balloons using oiled rice paper. A candle is attached inside the device and released into the sky. If you lack time to make a floating sky lantern at home, buying a ready-made paper sky lantern is the way to go.

What is a Sky Lantern?

A sky lantern is a small hot air balloon that relies on basic physical principles to fly in the air. Traditionally, the best hot air balloons were made using biodegradable paper and a semi-detached wax. The best Chinese sky lanterns do not catch fire easily and are often environmentally friendly. They are affordable and come in all colors and sizes.

In many South East Asian countries, sky lanterns are used as a form of celebration. They are common during major ceremonies. The lanterns also serve a symbolic gesture. Many people make a wish during birthdays or any other occasions before releasing them into the air.

Why do you need Sky Lanterns?

Nighttime celebrations

Lighting up the sky at night with small hot air balloons offers a splendid atmosphere. The small devices look really good at ceremonies, whichever the occasion. When you do it to celebrate your birthday, the feeling is surreal. If you love daytime celebrations, you can embellish your ceremony with colored sky lanterns.

Sky lanterns add life to a boring ceremony. They offer the air of celebration every birthday or part deserves. But you must also choose the right devices to avoid fire hazards. Color can also make a difference when celebrating during the day.

Holidays and festivals celebrations

If you love celebrating iconic festivals in your country, sky lanterns can better your experience during such festivals. The lanterns are legal in almost every country. But you may want to confirm from local authorities.

All around the world, sky lanterns are used to celebrate Christmas, public holidays and traditional festivals. As long as the practice is legal, sky lanterns provide a unique way to celebrate a festival you love.

To make a wish

If you believe in symbolic gestures, a sky lantern is a great tool for making a wish during a huge occasion in your life. In some Asian wedding ceremonies, the groom and bride attach messages of love to the lantern. In Thailand, lovebirds get purple lanterns and fly them on their wedding date as a symbol of their love. Green lanterns symbolize personal growth and are lit to pray for better self-actualization.

If you are okay with it, you can mourn your loved ones by sending them a message attached to a sky lantern. It may not mean everything, but it’s the little gestures that add happiness to life. During parties, you can invite your guests to write wishes on sky lanterns and fly them at night.

Important Features

What makes the Best Sky Lanterns?

Buying a good sky lantern can be difficult. Because of the many home-made products, you can’t easily tell the quality of the hot air balloon. Pick the best-rated sky lantern by evaluating each brand for the following features:

Quality made

Top sky lanterns are made of fire retardant materials. They do not catch fire easily even when they tilt due to strong winds. Find a lantern made of biodegradable material for easy disposal after the celebration.

Ease of ignition

Don’t let the frustrations of a difficult to ignite sky lantern ruin your celebration. Buy a modern device made of a wax box and paraffin for quick ignition. Good quality wax and asbestos also keep the flame burning up in the sky for a longer time.

Stylish designs

Because most sky lanterns are used for celebrations, go for the best looking hot air balloons. Pick a colored lantern for a daytime festival. Prefer a stylish design that will standout irrespective of the occasion involved. Since you definitely want your occasion to be memorable, use the best available sky lantern.


Chinese sky lanterns are traditionally inexpensive. But the prices always differ depending on the quality, color and types of ignition used. For small birth lanterns, don't spend all your money on expensive lanterns. You can find a quality sky lantern for less than $20. Just take the time to find the good ones.

Do Sky Lanterns work?

A properly designed sky lantern should work. Like any hot air balloon, the lanterns work on the principle of hot air rising above cold air. When the inside of the lantern is lit, the air inside becomes hot and light. That propels the light paper made object to rise above the heavy cold air surrounding it.

Sky lanterns may fail to function if the paper used easily catches fire. Modern manufacturers use oiled rice paper or other materials that aren't quick to catch fire. It is advised to fly the lanterns during calm winds as strong winds affect the lanterns. The small air balloons tend to catch fire quickly as strong winds burn their flames faster.

Top-Rated Brands

Best Sky Lanterns Brands 2018

Maikerry Paper Lanterns

Maikerry is a brand which specializes in making biodegradable Chinese lanterns. They produce both colored and non-colored products. Their lanterns are also affordable, often costing a price of less than $20. Makerry’s list of affordable lanterns are easy to ignite, elegantly designed and do not harm the environment.

All Natural Shop

All Natural Shop is the brand to go for when looking for large sky lanterns. Most of their products are white in color, made from biodegradable materials. All Natural claims their hot air balloons can peak to 3,000 feet in the air, providing for the most exciting scenes.

Sky Delight

Sky Delight appeals to wishing lantern users. Their products are relatively large but are made on printable materials. You can write a message on the paper before lighting it and propelling it up in the sky. The lanterns fly up to 3,000 feet high in less than 15 minutes.


Sky Lanterns originated in China hundreds of years ago, but they are currently used all over the world on all occasions. You can light them up for fun during your child's birthday party. Fly a lantern to send a lovely message to your loved one during a wedding ceremony. Sky lanterns make festivals fun full.

The best Sky lanterns are made out of biodegradable materials. They are easy to ignite and are affordable. Thank you for reading the sky lantern guide above. You are welcomed to discover more guides and reviews on our website.

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