Your Guide to Buying an Saunas Eric Hewitt

Why should you buy a sauna

A steam bath after a tiring day is bliss! With your own personal saunas, this is very much a possibility. Just think of the relief that it gives, both mentally and physically. These gadgets can be used at home so that you no longer need to go to a spa or a gym for a sauna bath. To help you buy the best sauna, we have built a guide after going through thousands of sauna reviews over the Internet.

Important Features

What should you consider when buying a sauna

With today’s market filled with many types of saunas, each carries its own exclusive set of features. It is best for you to go over the several factors before deciding to buy one.

  • Look at the size: Select a product by considering the size. Some units are suitable for a family, while some are for single person usage. Saving space is also a factor. Thus, a corner unit is better, as it saves floor space.

  • Check the control panels: Look for saunas with easy-to- use digital controls, both inside and outside the sauna. Look for controls like Set TimeTime RemainingSet Temperature, and the actual temperature display. If you prefer color and sound therapy, check if the system has provisions for them as well.

  • Check the entertainment quotient: Buy a sauna to which you can add high-quality radio and a DVD player. You would enjoy it more if you can indulge a bit with your favorite music while relaxing in a sauna.

  • Check the electrical power: Consider the power requirements of the sauna heater. While smaller ones work with 120 V outlets, larger ones may need 240 V.

  • Choose an appropriate sauna heater: Choose what kind of heater you would prefer. Wood-fired, electric, gas, or infra-red saunas are available in the market. Wood-fired is suitable for the outdoors, while the other three can be used indoors. Infra-red saunas have been becoming increasingly popular because they require less time to heat up.

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