Your Guide to Buying an Body Wraps

“Forever young, fit and healthy,”; this is the desire of every lady out there. However, contaminate the body by intake of toxins and unregulated diet, and this often remains a pipeline dream. Nevertheless, thanks to new inventions, we can make thing right even if much overdue.

Body wraps are a common phenomenon in most SPAs today; nevertheless, only a few people understand what they are and their purpose. Having the best choice for home use can, therefore, be a problematic hassle which is likely to bear no fruits. In the unfolding paragraphs, we take a look at the best body wraps available in the market.

What is a body wrap?

In spite of being in use for several decades, very few people understand what body wraps are, even frequent SPA visitors just vaguely know them and can’t choose the best. Also commonly referred to as a body cocoon or a body mask’ –a body wrap is a Spa therapy intended to boost the health and tonnage of skin as well as reduce body measurements. How is it done? A nourishing oil or mineral oil is usually applied to the limbs and torso of the client after which they are wrapped using different materials.

Linen sheets were initially used as sole wraps during the inceptions, and as this treatment gained popularity in the 1980s and ‘90s, newer materials such as plastic and thermal blankets were invented. Other ingredients in body masks may include; chocolate, eucalyptus, honey, among others. Many body wraps cover the entire body except for the face and the genitalia; however, regional blankets are also available, for example, cellulite and busts wraps. Body wraps function to extraction and excretion of contaminants, toxins and excess body fluids.

Why do you need body wraps?

Body wraps have both health and beauty benefits and the experience will depend on the type of body wrap chosen since there is a variety available ranging from detoxification, moisturization, dead skin removal to relaxation. Some obvious benefits of body wraps include:

  • Most body wraps consist of moisturizing agents that hydrate the body and give the skin a smooth and tender appearance. Dead skin removal wrap will also enhance your skin complexion.
  • Detoxifying wrap session will be critical in removing toxin in the body either exogenous or as a result of metabolic processes thus maintaining good health as prodromal agents are absent.
  • It is claimed that body wraps can help you lose several pounds in as short as 60 to 90 minutes, thereby giving you a cool shape as well as reduce the probability of developing conditions related to overweight.
  • The therapy is non-invasive and painless; besides, no side effects are probable.

The technique used and the formula is critical in determining how well and fast you achieve the above-stated benefits. Everyone can be a candidate for body wrap treatment. Hence you should try it at least to boost your confidence before a bikini event or any momentous occasion.

What makes the best Body wrap?

Very many weight loss techniques are in use, and one of them is body wrap, although this is not the intended purpose of body wraps which are primarily detoxifiers and relaxants. Best results are likely to be achieved when you use the best body wrap to lose weight. Arriving at the best body wrap will be guided by ease of use and affordability. A typical body wrap procedure takes between 60 to 75 minutes. Using a good wrap will confine with the timing lest you may have to lie still for longer.

The best body wrap is efficacious, has prolonged duration of action and limited unwanted effects. Weight loss should be intended instead, not as an aftermath of the procedure. Besides, the best wrap is affordable and easily accessible for use. Best body wrap reviews will give you a glimpse of what it entails to have the best and associated benefits. Also, research and recommendations are essential leads to getting the best body wraps in 2018.

Do body wraps work?

Although little scientific research is available to prove whether body wraps work or not, results are a vivid proof that this treatment is effective. Measurements are taken before the wrap and after; you are likely to lose at least 2” around the waist after the procedure. Perspiration is also evidently improved showing a reduction in body toxin levels and unblocking of body pores. However, it is important to appreciate that the benefits of body wraps are short-lived and may not provide long-term solutions thus complementary therapy is necessary sometimes.

Best body wraps brands 2018

Some of the body wraps highly rated by experts estheticians atop nearly excellent user review are enumerated below to act as a guide in choosing one. Situational variations should not hinder you from exploring other viable options if any.

  1. Abco Tech Body Wraps for Arms and Thighs- This helps to reduce body fats especially around the thighs and waist. Besides, it is presented to have a smart heat management mechanism. The product retails at a price of$ 21.79 for 4 pieces.
  2. Detox Body Wrap Weight Loss (6 Applications) – by Brazilian Belle, it is a 100% user and environment-friendly product that can be used at home without many struggles. It is made from natural clay hence no side effects.
  3. Neutriherbs 45 Min Ultimate Body Wraps Applicator (5); a reusable body wrap available at different stores and retailing at an average cost of $26.5 and it is shown to have tightening and firming effects atop the slimming effects.
  4. 5 Neutriherbs 45 Min Ultimate Body Wraps Applicators- with a score of 9.1, it ranks 4th in the best reviews platform and boasts of 50% recommendation from previous users.


Body wraps use is on the rise and in-depth knowledge of the effects of these products to your body and how to choose the best outcome will be crucial in maintaining stable user health and comfort. It is of essence to know the procedure on how to rightfully use the body wrap and timings as these will determine success rate.

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