Your Guide to Buying an Bath Towels Eric Hewitt

How should you choose a bath towel?

When it comes to bath time comfort and luxury, who doesn't love the relaxing feel of wrapping themselves in a nice, cozy bath towel after a warm bath? To match the experience that you would usually get at a spa, you'll need top quality bath linens. However, considering the many types of bath towels available, you may find it a little overwhelming to pick the best bath towel. To make it easier for you, we present a quick guide that we compiled after going through thousands of bath towel reviews.

Important Features

What should you consider before buying a bath towel?

From the colors you choose, to the thickness of the bath towel, every aspect should be considered when buying a bath towel. While the comfort level is an important parameter, the design of a bath towel is also significant—you want it to add to the aesthetics of your home décor. Here are the various things to consider when buying yourself a bath towel:

  • Check the absorbency of the towel: If you are looking for a bath towel that is super absorbent and dries you off in a jiffy, you can choose the Egyptian or Pima cotton towels that are best known for their highly absorbent quality. These towels are also quite luxurious.

  • Go for quick-dry varieties: If you live in a place where you don’t see too much sunlight, you may prefer a bath towel that dries up quickly after use. For this, the microfiber towels are the best, but they aren’t really plush.

  • Ensure durability: For those looking for durability, Turkish, Egyptian, and Pima cotton towels are the best. These are made with the long-staple cotton fibers that, with proper care, can last for a long time.

  • Check the aesthetics: Visually-appealing bath towels enhance your overall bath time experience. Turkish cotton towels have a natural sheen, and hence they are the best in this category. 

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